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About Advanced Masonry And Paving

There is now more choice than ever when it comes to paving choices and brickwork. Natural products such as Indian sandstone and limestone used to be the most popular choices for customers patios.

However, a few years ago companies started to develop vitrified paving such as porcelain. The trend at the moment is one of a sleek, modern, uniformed look which lends itself to this man-made stone. When these products first entered the market, they were priced significantly higher than the natural products. With more companies entering the market and manufacturing this type of paving, the price has slowly come down which is making this product more and more attractive to customers.

The standard ‘house brick’ hasn’t changed drastically for over a hundred years. Modern techniques have been introduced to increase manufacturing capabilities but, in the main, they remain the same, albeit with more choice available.

Decorative walling has become a popular product over the last few years within the landscaping trade. Similar to the natural paving products, companies now manufacture these. Different shapes, sizes and colours have been created but mostly based upon traditional quarried stone such as a Bath, Cotswold or York. You are now able to create that classic country house look without having to source reclaimed stone which sells for a premium.

Chimney Repairs

We take the maintenance of chimneys and fireplace seriously which is why we also offer repair services to all of our customers. Whether your flue liner needs replacing or your chimney stack is damaged at roof level, call us today for professional chimney repairs that will return your chimney to full health.

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Walkways & patios

A patio can be a valuable addition to any Virginia property and Advanced Masonry And Paving, can design and lay any size patio to enhance your home to your specific requirements. Among the leading patio paving contractors in Virginia, we can transform your outside space into a wonderful addition.

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Waterproofing below the ground level is of great importance and there is a reason for that. Due to the groundwater currents and reservoirs, it’s evident that all of the water might insert additional damage across the foundation and basement of your building. Here availing basement waterproofing service .

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Stone Work

How do we achieve our seamless stone repairs? We use various techniques and repair materials, depending upon the type of stone that is to be repaired. This is due to the vastly different materials from which the stone can be formed or manufactured.

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Best Quality Materials

Our skilled team has expertise in block paving installation, creating beautiful and durable surfaces for driveways, pathways, patios, and more. We work with a variety of block paving materials, including concrete, clay, and natural stone. Our attention to detail ensures precise laying patterns, tight joints, and a smooth, even finish.

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