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Advanced Masonry and Paving offer a friendly and professional patio building service for your USA home. Whether it’s block paving, slabs or resin, you can rely on us to get the job done well with no surprises. We have many happy patio customers in and around USA and all our work is guaranteed.


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Basement & Foundations Waterproofing

Have you noticed any cracks in your basement walls or around mortar joints near doors and windows? These are common signs that your basement and foundation are in urgent need of repair Reach out to First Call Advanced Masonry and Paving. We’ll send our team of masons to your location to inspect your basement and determine the nature and extent of the damage. Cracks in drywall or slab floors, bowing walls, and mould growth are just some of the problems you may be facing. You can rely on us to provide you with a long-lasting solution to your basement and foundation issues. Call now to find out how we can make your home safer for you and your family. 

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Our Drying & Dehumidifying Process:

If you have a water loss, we will likely leave air movers and/or dehumidifiers to dry out the areas that have been affected. The large, powerful fans will throw air on parts of the home that have absorbed water, expediting the evaporation process. As the water is being removed from the walls and other surfaces it will enter the air. The moisture is drawn into the advanced dehumidifiers where the water drops into a reservoir from the coils and is stored. Once your home has been completely dried and our experts have dealt with the damage, they will move all personal possessions and furniture back into its original place.

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