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If your driveway needs repair or resurfacing, we can help. Our team of highly skilled driveway pavers can assess the situation and determine the materials, cost, and timeframe needed to restore your driveway and have it look like new again.


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Here at Advanced Masonry and Paving, we understand how important your driveway is to you. Not only does it heavily affect your home’s curbside appeal, but it also has a large impact on your property value as well. As your top choice for paved driveway contractors in the USA County area, we provide a range of services to make your paved driveway more appealing, more valuable, and more eco-friendly. Your paved driveway is an investment that we take as seriously as you do.

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Choosing the Right Paved Driveway Solution for Your Home

Making the right choice when hiring local driveway contractors means understanding what driveway solution is right for your home. We offer a variety of options for you to choose from.

  • Increase your home’s value
  • Protect your local environment
  • Absorbs less heat than other driveways
  • More durable, stable, and easy to repair
  • Can be added almost anywhere around your home

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